About Me

Hi, I’m Amy.  It’s very nice to meet you.

I am a human, writer and mother to two amazing boys living in the Great American Midwest. This blog is in transition from speaking only to my experience as a tech startup founder to speaking to life and motherhood and humanness in general.  I am currently working part-time as an instructional coach for new teachers and doing several other part-time gigs to pay the bills and to get to spend as much time with my boys.  Like many work-from-home moms, I am a hustler, doing as many night and weekend jobs as it takes to make it work.  It’s crazy-making and worth it.

Before embarking on this great adventure, I worked as an assistant principal at an urban middle school and taught Spanish and World Languages before that.  I have been a professional baker, Spanish interpreter/translator and have taught English in Madrid.  I had been an active writer for much of my pre-momma life, ever journaling before blogging was a thing.  It feels so good to get back to it.  I am also working on an entrepreneurial venture called Growing Gratitude, a free iOS app which makes taking and sending thank-you videos a breeze.


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