A Daring Adventure or Nothing

Today’s post is a celebration of the tremendous ground that’s been covered – not a lamentation of the long stretch left to go. It’s a tribute to the vision and generosity of family and friends and the kindness of strangers.

As of this moment, Growing Gratitude has raised more than $8400. Amazing! There is this almost visible energy of support and belief and optimism behind these contributions. It’s not just me trying to will this idea into existence. It’s us. And we’re mighty, so the world might as well just yield to our collective spirit. I wouldn’t want to go up against us.

You might have noticed that we’re not quite to our goal yet. Yeah, I’ve seen that, too. And I have a lot of thoughts about it that I haven’t finished processing yet.

Here are some important points that have been lifting my spirits when that big bold dollar amount at the top of the campaign page gets to seeming too important.

Life is grand. It’s so many other things, too, but I think the way you sum it up matters, and that’s my preferred summary.

We thrive when working together towards a common goal. It feels good. It lights us up inside, and it’s a great reminder that we’re more alike than different. Love that.

Our story is ours alone to tell. I am imagining articles written in the future about the story of Growing Gratitude. The IndieGoGo campaign will be part of that. If we don’t meet that big goal before midnight tonight, the campaign will characterized as a failure. So be it. When I  tell this story, it will be one of the vision and generosity of family and friends and the kindness of strangers. So be that.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” If you can’t believe Helen Keller, who can you believe? This perspective makes taking risks and sticking with things when others would have cut and run part of the adventure. I’m all for that.

We decide when it’s time for these adventures to come to an end. Only we know how much we put into things and how much we get out of them, and only we can decide when it’s time to let them go.

*    *    *

All that said, if you haven’t contributed to the Growing Gratitude campaign but have given it some thought, come visit us one more time. Here’s the link. “When I say Welcome to the new world. I think we’re going to like it here”, I could not be more serious about the potential of this project or the very real need for it. And it’s within our collective power to make this happen. You only have until midnight!

Thanks and thanks again for your vision and your generosity, my family, friends and strangers.

Go gratitude!



  1. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs—-it’s how you deal with both of them that is the telling nature of all of us. I love your attitude, Amy. Your work is paying off.(even if sometimes you can’t see it.)

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