Plan B(+)

I HATE it when she’s right, that side of me who starts every sentence with the word “but”. I imagine that sometimes when our greatest fears come true it’s just as bad as we anticipated. The good news is that I learned this week that sometimes it’s not.

by Karen Salmansohn at

So here’s where we’re at: Kickstarter did not accept our Growing Gratitude project to be hosted on their site. I did appeal this decision (using the 150 characters allotted to me to do so), and I’m glad I did. Their original correspondence back to me gave no justification for their decision, but the appeal response did. From my perspective, my project was a perfect fit for Kickstarter because it was meant to get the apps launched, to build momentum around the idea and to leave the rest to me. From their point of view, because we need a website to create user accounts, this is an ongoing – not finite – endeavor and therefore does not qualify for their service. I could continue to argue this point (or cite projects that I have looked at this week which are not finite projects either!), but I have learned not to waste gas driving too far down a dead end street.

Onward and upward.

So it’s on to Plan B. I’m calling it Plan B(+) because, having spent weeks (I’m not saying months in order to keep my spirits up) preparing this Kickstarter submission, I am clearer and smarter about this idea and even more committed to Growing Gratitude than I was when I started.

Plan B(+) is going to be great…as soon as I decide what it is. As my friend Jay said, “Life is the waves, not the water.” Well, it’s sure been rough out here the past few days. I have always abhorred getting water up my nose, but it’s never made me get out of the water. Stay tuned, my friends.



  1. Sorry that Kickstarter didn’t accept your project…But Plan B+ IS going to be great! …and you have an army of friends just itching to help & support you.

  2. I enjoy your quotes. They always make me feel good and often they even stick with me and help me through that day. I hope to see you in Facebook for a long time to come. Keep up the good work.

    1. Patty,
      I read this comment while on vacation at a family reunion, still reeling a bit from the Growing Gratitude turn of events. Your words made my day – my whole weekend. It was kind of you to take time to write them, and they were an excellent reminder that this is about us – not me. Thanks. 🙂

  3. “I’ve learned not to waste gas driving too far down a dead end street.” Words to live by–I’m going to try to live by them this week. Thanks!

    It sucks that Kickstarter didn’t see the project as you did.The knowledge you’ve gained from this process is going to serve you really well as Plan B+ comes together. Best of luck!

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