Worst Case Scenario Dinner

Okay, folks. Things are decidedly closer to rocking and rolling.

I had a significant sit-down, worst-case-scenario talk with my husband about the potential (and probable) financial ramifications of quitting my job. We talked about how we could scale down to make it on less income, and I even prepped him for the possibility of turning off the cable (deep sigh from him) and my iPhone service (sniffle and forced brave face from me). I hadn’t thought to put that conversation on my list of things to do, so I wrote WORST CASE SCENARIO DINNER at the bottom and marked it off. Rock and roll.

But that’s not all the exciting stuff that’s happened this week. We have logo! Those crafty gents at Reactor Design Studio pitched me 4 logo ideas on Friday. I spent the weekend polling friends and family and walking by the printout of my favorite one posted on the fridge with wide eyes and squinty eyes and slowly and quickly and probably gained a few pounds as I stalked this prospective logo and opened the fridge to play it off. I needed to know that I felt comfortable with it, and I do. I made the final decision yesterday. It’s so awesome.

It feels amazing to finally have something tangible – albeit two-dimensional – to give this idea of mine some gravity on this planet. It’s not just all in my head anymore. Whoa. Wow. Yes.


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